We offer a wide range of Gabbro materials by adopting world-class processes, technological innovations and a knowledge-driven collaborative approach. We will ensure that strict control is maintained over quality. We intend to secure the interests of our customers as well as industry by adopting professional services.


Gabbro Aggregates are generally extracted from larger rock formations through an open excavation (quarry). Extracted rock is typically reduced to usable sizes by mechanical crushing.

“Gabbro Aggregates are used for both building and infrastructure construction industry.”

1. .5 mm Crushed Gabbro Aggregates
2. 10 mm Crushed Gabbro Aggregates
3. 14 mm Crushed Gabbro Aggregates
4. 20 mm Crushed Gabbro Aggregates
5. 28 mm Crushed Gabbro Aggregates

Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that we will always deliver the best possible materials bringing value to the customers. Our proactive approach in the effective utilisation of our resources would help us generate sustainable and commercial advantages to our customers in the best possible way.